In October 2000, with the help of my brother and sister, I published my invention on the Internet. The idea was featured in the ‘New Scientist’ magazine, Daily Express and is posted on the European Space Agency discussion forum. I have maintained the original website for the last six years and it has continued to bounce around the web on the ‘rocket geek’ circuit.

I live with my wife on our partially restored, circa 1925, Danish sailing trawler, moored on the river Itchen in Southampton.  I am neither a scientist or from any field of science, I am an artist and sculptor. I do not have a scientific reputation to maintain and enjoy the freedom of a maverick and eccentric inventor.
I have spent the past six years studying the subjects of climate change and space access. I am not alone in believing that the solution to the energy and environmental crisis lies in more efficient access of near space. The general acceptance of conventional nuclear power as an answer and the idea we are unable to turn the tide of climate change is mistaken.

Britain is innovative, multi-cultural and absolutely at our best when the chips are down. I would like to raise a little ‘Dunkirk spirit’ and ask the relevant scientific


communities and political establishments to contribute, in lay terms, to my quest for practical solutions. I have a firm grasp of the fundamental issues and how they are interwoven through science, politics and geography.

y ideas are centred on Oceanic Pump accelerators, making our vessel (rated as a small tall ship) an ideal platform for conducting experiments whilst providing a unique visual backdrop. My sister, Jo, is an animation artist and visiting Lecturer at Bournemouth Arts Institute. Jo is currently working on an advanced animated sequence. My brother, Ben, is an experienced marine engineer and is closely involved with the ‘nuts, bolts and innovation’ side of the project.

What I propose is not yet another doom-laden look at the inevitable collapse of civilization. I offer a realistic approach, finding solutions that lie within reach, presented with the energy and passion of an artist. I would like to make a film documentary about my inventions and gain sponsorship and or research funding to continue the idea.

This project is a sketch idea and needs academic appraisal. If your organisation is looking for such a subject, please do not hesitate to contact me as I would be pleased to assist in any way possible.

Last update: February 7, 2011 16:54