The American domination of space is similar to British naval domination during the Empire; it is the foundation to their status as sole global super power and is jealously guarded.

Hoarding technology for exclusive military use directly conflicts with the cause of limiting climate change, for example: A super efficient jet/scramjet/rocket hybrid engine design may well remain classified due to strategic considerations, despite the benefit of huge reductions in CO2 emissions. This is the very heart of our problem; we need to employ all of our talent and guile to have a hope of averting climatic disaster.

I did not apply for a patent on my rocket accelerator because all applicants are bound by the official secrets act and all patent applications are screened by the MOD (Ministry of Defence) for military potential (section 22 of the patent act).

My contention is that we must utilise any appropriate technology for the global good and minimise climate change. If military applications have a priority then their need will be self-fulfilling. A globally united effort will yield ample supplies of energy and minerals thus reducing the likelihood of war.

I am under no illusion, valid or not, invention in this field is dead in the water without military approval and backing. The free world must take a giant leap of faith for mankind and employ all appropriate technology in the cause of averting climate change. Aside from the tragedy of war driven slaughter and genocide we may be ultimatley responsible for the extinction of half of all species on our beautiful Earth.

Please consider these points before judging me irresponsible for publishing my idea without official approval:
  • The strategic value of a super gun is limited by its sheer size and immobility (even if it floats). Note the Babylon Gun.
  • Its construction could not be achieved in a clandestine manner.
  • The engineering capability is rare. (Call Matrix Churchill for a quote)
  • Small versions are pointless as the job can be done much easier with conventional rocketry.
  • Someone needs to make this crucial point.

I must stress this is the most vital point I want to make. The chances are my idea has already been considered and/or is obsolete.

The object of military hardware is to remain just ahead of the competition. Once technology is introduced to the arena it can be spied on, copied or stolen. Just like a game of ‘trumps’ the best cards are not played until the last possible moment. We must change the rules, lay all the cards on the table or we all lose.